Landon Crabtree

Student at Tennessee Technological University majoring in computer science with a concentration on data assurance and cyber security. Active hands-on involvement, such as being a member of the CyberEagles club, participating in Capture the Flags, and writing open-source code. Self-motivated and driven; looking to apply current knowledge and relevant experience at an internship position to make the initiative to gain invaluable hands-on experience and knowledge in the field of IT security.


Current - May 2025
Bachelor of Science | Cookeville, TN

Tennessee Technological University

Major: Computer Science
Concentration: Information Assurance / Cyber-Security

Aug 2017 - May 2021
High School Diploma | Manchester, TN

Coffee County Central High School

Program of Study: Business
GPA: 3.95

Relevant Courses


MATH1910 (Calculus I), MATH1920 (Calculus II)


CSC1300 (Intro to Comp. Prog.)



Work Experience and Responsiblities

Jul 2020 - Aug 2020
Team Member

Baskin Robbins

• Took and prepared customers' orders.
• Operated in a fast-pace and high-volume environment.
• Communicated effectively with customers, coworkers, and management.
• Handled customer payments via Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems.

Jan 2017 - Feb 2020
Chief Operating Officer

Above Holdings Group

• Recruited and screened applicants.
• Consulted with clients on best practices and served as project manager for all process improvements and regulatory initiatives.
• Monitored outstanding invoices and performed collections duties.
• Coordinated innovative strategies to accomplish marketing objectives and boost long-term profitability.

Memberships, Extracurricular Activities, and Hobbies

Oct 2021 - Present
Tennessee Technological University

Sigma Chi Fraternity

• Volunteered for HudsonAlpha's 'DoubleHelix Dash 5k' by assisting in marking the route for the participants.

Aug 2021 - Present
Tennessee Technological University

CyberEagles Capture The Flag Club

• Actively learn about beginner and advanced principles of cyber security, such as cryptography, web exploitation, and reverse engineering.
• Use and apply learned principles in Capture The Flag events, such as on TryHackMe, HackTheBox, and the NSA Codebreaker Challenge.
• Use tools such as Wireshark, Hashcat, Nmap, Autopsy, and more to explore and exploit vulnerabilities.

Aug 2021 - Present
Tennessee Technological University

CyberEagles Club

• Actively learn the importance of cyber security in today's world.
• Continue to develop a professional relationship with the field and the career opportunities cyber security presents.

Jun 2020 - Jul 2020
University of Tennessee Knoxville

Tennessee Governor’s School for Sciences and Engineering 2020

• One of 200 other students to be accepted to the GSSE program.
• Earned five credit hours: 3 INPG 100 credits and 2 INPG 200 credits.
• Collaborated on a water-quality research project, which analyzed bodies of water throughout Tennessee, and compared the effects of urbanization to the pH of the water.
• Collaborated on a behavioral epigentic presentation, which explored the topic of epigenetics, why humans evolved to have epigenetic DNA changes, and how the environment can play a role.
• Collaborated on a fourth-dimension analysis poster, which explored the fourth dimension and its possible applications to physics, neuroscience, and more.
• Selected to present the behavioral epigenetic presentation at the closing ceremony.

Jun 2020
Tennessee Technological University

CEROC Cyber Camp Program

• Learned basic principles of cyber security and computers such as binary, steganography, ciphers, hashes, and binary exploitation.
• Placed first out of sixty other students in a Capture The Flag.

Aug 2019 - May 2021
Coffee County Central High School

Future Business Leaders of America

• Placed first in the 'Business Communication' regional test.
• Placed first in the 'Cybersecurity' regional and state test.


Accomplishments, Awards, Publications

The Fourth Dimension and Beyond

The Fourth Dimension and Beyond

Direct URL
How Plant-Based Diets Could Minimize the Environmental Impact of Meat-Based Diets

How Plant-Based Diets Could Minimize the Environmental Impact of Meat-Based Diets

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