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I began work on a Minecraft server known as TrophyPvP in mid 2018. At first a Factions server, I decided to switch it to Skyblock to reach a wider audience of players.

I brought a friend named Rylan into the project, to help with the advertising and expenses of TrophyPvP. With a set launch date of November 22, 2018, we quickly looked for influencers and ways to get the name out there.

We hired multiple YouTube influencers, the largest being LegoMaestro (75k) to stream the launch event. We also hired other YouTubers to re-upload our trailer to their channels, to garner the attention of their subscribers. TrophyPvP was slowly gaining recognition, but not the amount we wanted before launch. Rylan and I decided to advertise in a 20k Member Discord Server, which boosted our Discord count to above 500 players.

By launch, our Discord server had 600 users and the trailer had been seen over 1,000 times. On launch day, the server quickly filled up and we exceeded 100 players.

Despite the great launch, the player count quickly fell to 20-30 concurrent. We missed the vital aspect of having influencers record/stream the server after launch. Because of this, players who had joined to meet their favorite influencer had no reason to stay. Rylan and I quickly looked for influencers to partner with us, but we found no one.

Rylan and I decided to sell TrophyPvP after two seasons, and the new owners merged it with their own server, RebootMC, which shortly shutdown as well.