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Skyblock Setups

In order to generate passive income with little to no effort, I decided to create a Skyblock setup, sold on MC-Market.

The first version I released, "SKYBLOCK SETUP • UPGRADES • ISLAND WORLDEDIT • CUSTOM ENCHANTS • SHOP GUI • MUCH MORE" was released in September, 2018. It got over 75 purchases over $600 in sales.

Truthfully, the first version was not my best work. It was outdated, and I had improved on server setups. I set out to make a second remastered version. The second version, "SKYBLOCK 2.0 ✪ Automatic Configurator | Custom Plugins | Feature Packed ✪ [Must See]" received over 160 purchases and roughly $1,600 in sales. This version featured an all new, custom made tool that made setting up the server take only a matter of seconds. It also featured a licensing system, coded by Cameron and the online web-panel was entirely coded by me.

Due to lack of time, I decided to sell Skyblock Version 2, as I could no longer offer the updates my buyers deserved. I sold it to Aureus for $500 USD.