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PrimeTechnology started when Calvin approached Neek and I. As three competitors in the market, Calvin wanted us to merge, and dominate the market together. Shortly after brainstorming and collaboration, PrimeTechnology was born.

Prime set out to be the first of it's kind on the market. A "service team", as it came to be known. It was a united front, offering every major service on the market under one company. Graphic design, illustration, program development, website development, and more were all being offered by Prime.

Competitors soon followed, after the massive success of PrimeTechnology. Every day, more and more "service teams" were emerging. Prime was not only the first, we became innovators in our area. We were the first team to implement Discord Bots in our ordering process, making the process almost automatic. PrimeTechnology was the foundation of every service team to come.

In December of 2017, PrimeTechnology was sold for $1,300 USD. The buyer only paid $1,000, and Calvin and I agreed to a two month period for the final $300. Because of this, Prime was shortly back in the hands of Calvin and I.

PrimeTechnology was later sold again in early 2019, and the new owners shut it down indefinitely.