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Axolotl began as the back-end platform for my Skyblock 2.0 resource. It was designed to prevent piracy and the unauthorized distribution of my hard work.

Axolotl comes in two pieces: the server plugin and web backend. The plugin was developed by Cameron Wolfe, and the backend system was developed by me. The server plugin is coded in Java using the Minecraft Bukkit API. Before the server can be started, it requires authentication of purchase, which sends a POST request to the backend web-server to verify the authenticity of the purchase.

The entire backend is made in PHP. Once someone purchases the resource, a CRON job checks my inbox using IMAP, and adds the buyer's email to a database. From there, any server start request requires that the buyer's email be valid and authorized, or else the server fails to start.

I decided to make this product available to consumers, and made the advanced Axolotl Web Panel, which comes with the ability to list, add, and remove licenses all from the website, as well as see total sales and purchases.

Click here to see the Axolotl Panel.