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After selling PrimeTechnology, I decided to create a build team named "Vaxen". After consideration, I decided creating another service team would be the better investment in the long run. A simple flip of the "V" logo, created the "A" logo, and I contacted Calvin to work with me on this new team, Avast. Avast set out to correct everything Prime failed on, and to be better on all fronts.

We later acquired PrimeTechnology back, and were now operating two of the largest providers on MC-Market. With this, Calvin decided to register Above Holdings Group, LLC to be the holdings company of both Avast and Prime.

Now that we were operating two teams, we decided to create a unified staffing system: AboveHR. To do this, Avast invested into a new and improved Discord Bot, blowing the competition out of the water. Automatic commissioning, integrated reviews, portfolios, PayPal invoicing, and more. Once again, Avast and PrimeTechnology were innovators in the market, and leading the competition.

As of December, 2019, Avast is still running strong, and the only service team to still be operating out of the original teams of late 2017 and early 2018 (PrimeTechnology, Minecript, and Orpheus.) Avast has become one of the most well known brands on MC-Market, and my biggest venture thus far.